We’re building interactive apps for web and metaverse.

Products that empowers and engages.

Ovaho builds in-house products that help people and companies enter a new dimension in the web and metaverse. Over the years, we have created many new projects and experiments.
We aim to bring something new and unique to each of them.

Recent highlights:

Sender Pre-seed

Inteligent multi-carrier shipping platform

The platform to work with all couriers in one place.

Aggregator Logistics Parcels SaaS AI

✓ Inteligent shipping engine to process all your shipments.
✓ Instant quotes from a range of delivery services.
✓ Compare, order, save money and time.
✓ Our system makes booking your delivery a breeze.
✓ Over 240 destinations with almost all courier services.
✓ Platform Licensing.
✓ Aggregator Business model + SaaS.

Seeking Investment

Interactive Digital Twin of your Yacht

An immersive 3D deck explorer to demonstrate the potential of any yacht right from the screen.

Yachts Demo-platform Metaverse 3D

✓ An interactive & immersive experience - without VR glasses.
✓ Yacht concepts - full 3D exploration prior to construction.
✓ Ready built yachts - a digital twin of your yacht online.
✓ Interactive deck viewer, 360 panoramas, video walk-through.
✓ Explore the yacht: zoom in/out, rotate - inside and outside.
✓ Achieve a 16-47% increase in lead generation.
✓ Decrease phantom buyers and imposter visits to your yacht.
✓ Showcase yacht configurations and options.
✓ Visual communication with partners in meetings.

Seeking Investment

PropTech Immersive Presentations.

An interactive tool that lets users click through a 3D floorplan of your place and experience each space remotely.

PropTech Real Estate Metaverse 3D

✓ Attract Investors. Engage Buyers. Delight Customers.
✓ All-in-one visual communication for real estate.
✓ Interactive 3D plans, visuals, videos, 360 tours and more.
✓ Boosts customer interest & reduces sales times.
✓ Achieve a 16-47% increase in lead generation.
✓ Demonstrate remotely in online meetings: Zoom, Team, etc.
✓ Integrates to any website in two clicks.
✓ Interior / Exterior presentations online.

Fraud Attack Emulator


Banking fraud scenarios demo platform

Cloud-based solution to showcase and test various attack scenarious

Emulator Fraud Banking Security FinTech

Assisting with backend development at tier 1 security company.

The tool's main function is to:
✓ Emulating fraud attacks to secure banks
✓ Helps sales teams to demo fraud-prevention solutions
✓ Helps to train fraud teams
✓ Helps on UAT phase to test various scenarious
✓ Users activity history generation
✓ Real-time user interaction simulation

We have some new projects in the works, too. A couple have been announced, while others remain top secret.

Our Competence

Experience + Competence

When it comes to development, experience and team competence are absolute must-haves. We strive to provide exceptional quality IT & Media solutions to our clients through use of modern technology and established culture that supports our team members.

Our process:


Pain Points

Business Analysis


New Opportunities

Solution Design


Drive Success

Implementation & Support

Our main skills & competences:

Web Development API Solutions Artificial intelligence (AI) Interactive Experiences Automation Robots UI/UX Design Low-Code / No-Code Solutions Software Engineering Identity Verifications Anti-Fraud eSignatures PCI DSS Design & Branding 3D experience VR Video Production Aerial Drones Photography 360 Virtual Tours

We leverage our deep tech approach to deliver for:

Real Estate
Yachts & Jets
Metaverse 3D

We gained trust of top companies that put user experience at the heart of what they do.

The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.

Phil Jackson

Professional basketball coach

A Winning Team

When it comes to solution design, experience and team competence are absolute must-haves.

Don't settle for anything less than a team with the expertise and know-how to deliver top-notch results.

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